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Nancy Martiki,  “Retired Vice President”


Nancy Martiki, retired vice president of patient services at Margaret Mary Health Cancer Center, Batesville, Indiana: " Whether you are the artist or the admirer, the pursuit of art can guide you to a place of peace, wonder, surprise or even fantasy. Erma's art brings healing to your soul through her representation of nature, faith and imagination."

Nancy Kilmartin, Lee County Manatee Park


I had the pleasure to work with Erma Jean on a mural project for Lee County Manatee Park.  This was a grant funded project that involved funding sources from  multiple agencies.  Each mural she created depicts a different native habitat within the park. These murals are custom designed for the park. The project included variety of plant and animal species, therefore an incredible amount of attention to detail was required  to complete this project.  Erma is an incredibly talented artist with tremendous skill. I found her to be friendly, professional  and a pleasure to work with.   Way to Go Erma! Thank you,

Tommy Lee Cook 


We have been very fortunate to have experienced the abilities of Erma Jean at The Hut at The Peace Tropical Gardens.  Erma's skills are beyond compare and she has proven to me to be a diligent artist, commanding abilities that are the epitome of perfection in her profession.  She works with an intensity that I've seen only a few times in my career.  Her methods are practical and deliberate, creating a finished product that is magical to behold.  Her dedication to her art is equally as amazing.

  Our experience with her at The Hut Restaurant is one that all involved will remember for years to come.  She worked long hours, in excess of 700, to create images that are realistic, flowing, perfect in depth and scope, capturing the Everglades exactly as was intended.  I cannot say enough about the breathtaking scenes, the fine detail, and her ability to maintain the demanding schedule that was placed upon her.

  I recommend her highly to one and all.  Her work is second to none and she is a delight to deal with, personally and professionally.

Marianne Eisenhart “The Color Queen”


As an interior designer I am always looking for unique design ideas for my clients.  Something to make their homes & businesses stand out from other interiors.  When I discovered Erma Woodis I realized that her beautiful art & murals would be a perfect complement to my designs.  Her work is outstanding but what I found exceptional was her openness to suggestions from me & my clients.  Many artists want to be free to express their own designs but Erma wants to create art for the clients.  You will love working with her.

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